Google’s Penguin algorithm update goes real-time

Google Penguin algorithm updates

Let’s start at the beginning and cover what the Penguin algorithm actually means. It’s introduction back in 2012 a time when Matt Cutts was at the helm served to penalised black hat tactics or spammers. The types of activities that Google targeting included keyword stuff and poor quality backlinks.

So the big news from Google is that Penguin has now had a full update resulting in the following changes:

Penguin is now real-time: in the past Penguin was rolled up at a given point in time and would have impacted everyone at the same time, that will no longer be the case meaning if you’re able to improve the quality of your site and address Penguin based issues you’ll see an immediate response which was not the case before.

Individual pages or areas can be hit: if you were unlucky enough to be hit with a Penguin penalty the impact would have been felt across your whole site, with the current updates that penalty will now focus on the relevant areas which could be sections or individual pages meaning it won’t completely turn off the lights over night.

It’s a good reminder that short cut tactics in SEO only have a limited shelf life if any, stick to produce quality content where you can add value whether that be via education, entertainment or to provoke discussion.

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