LinkedIn introduces conversion tracking

LinkedIn is well know for having some of the most useful data for it’s advertisers to use, their ability to identify industry, company size and target business decision makers are just a few of the targeting options.

One advantage Facebook, Twitter and others have had up until now is the ability to track conversions of a campaign and to ultimately workout your effective return on investment. This could be by measuring use of a contact form, your shopping cart or just the number of interactions across your site.

The official LinkedIn blog post highlights the detail of this change that are now available to advertisers using the platform.

The process is incredibly simple to implement and anyone using conversion tracking will already understand the process. To start you enter your top level domain this enables you to track conversions on any part of your site, including subdomains.

The second part is to implementation is adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag which is a lightweight piece of javascript code. To make you’re life easier I’d always recommend using Google Tag Manager¬†or something similar such as Open Tag as an easy way to manage new tags implementation across your site. This then makes the¬†process a quick 30 second job to roll out across your whole site.

As soon as the options above have been created it’s then down to defining what your conversion metrics are and naming them accordingly to show up on both the LinkedIn reporting as well as you’re own analytics such as Google Analytics.

If you’re interesting in running a LinkedIn campaign get in touch to find out how we can help you to start converting customers.


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